About us

WNY's Premier Children's Destination

Jack & Gray Kids is WNY's premier children's destination for luxury clothing, toys, and gifts for ages 0-12.  We opened our doors in April 2019 and are proud to be a locally owned, family run business. You can find us  on the corner of North Buffalo Rd and Princeton Drive, right in the heart of the Village of Orchard Park. 


Every story starts with a WHY, here is mine

Jackson & Grayson, two handsome, amazingly intelligent, and healthy boys that I want to give the world. For eight years, while I felt incredibly blessed to have that ability, I struggled to be present. Chasing a career and sacrificing such precious moments with these two made taking this leap of faith entirely worth it.

So world meet, JACKson and GRAYson… my why. Although we call them by their full names, they are the ones that came up with the name of the store. Jackson, my older son, has told me on multiple occasions, "Mommy, I am so proud to have a store named after me." During the hard times... the moments of panicked anxiety over the future, the doubt, the guilt over leaving behind a good career, the endless late night hours required to lift this store ... I glance at the store name and remember my why.

These two are and always have been my motivation. I hope more than anything that I do make them proud.
Follow along for our exciting journey and feel free to send your words of encouragement, suggestions, and love our way. We are so excited to have our doors open to our wonderful community of Buffalo, NY at our Orchard Park location.  We hope we can connect with you and that you will share in our excitement of bringing high quality baby and children’s clothing, gifts, and TOYS to our community!!  We'd love to see you in store! There's a pretty good chance you'll meet the real "Jack & Gray" on the front porch building their "Brick City" or playing around the store with all the great toys they have curated!