Joy Box

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AGES 2-4
The DJECO Joy Box for ages 2-4 is designed to keep toddlers and preschoolers BUSY! With lots of options from oversized floor puzzles to games to play with an older sibling, this bundle will be serving your family for months and years to come.
  • Progressive In the Jungle
  • Tattoos Snouts
  • Little Game Little Action
  • Painting Colorful Parade
  • Tattoos Pretty Little Things
  • Puzzle Duo Emotion
  • Clipaclip
  • PG Stickers Let's Go!
AGES 4-6
The DJECO Joy Box for ages 4-6 lets them practice skills they are building at school and in life. Enrich the day-to-day schedule with something fun - what we like to call "sneaky learning." Puzzles, games, and crafts can all be used to supplement math, language, and arts. Relax and enjoy this time.
  • Tattoos Sweet Dreams
  • DIY Jungle Animal Masks
  • Giant Floor Puzzle 24 pc- The Year of the Bear
  • Tattoos Happy Spring
  • Silhouette Puzzle -In the Jungle - 54pc
  • Stickers Dinosaurs
  • Step by Step Animo and Co
  • Mosaics Butterflies
  • Sticker Stories The Fun Fair
  • Little Game Little Cooperation
The DJECO Joy Box for ages 7+ was created to get kids in touch with play (again). Changing interests and changing times can bring lots of choices to a child's life, but giving them good classic crafts and puzzles helps slow down the process and remember it's still ok to be a kid.
  • Artistic Patch - Metallic Dinosaurs
  • Tattoos In Flight
  • Artistic Patch - Metallic Dinosaurs
  • Artistic Patch - Glitter Petals
  • Scoubidou Vibrant Hairdos
  • Colored Sand Dazzling Bird
  • Khan Mosaic
  • Kinoptik Animonster
  • Flexanimals Origami


The DJECO Joy Box for grown ups proves you're never to old to "play!" Quite frankly, it's good for your mental health. Give your brain a break for a moment and reconnect with a different part of you. Take care, ask for help, lend a hand.
  • Felt Tips In the Garden
  • Ze Balanceo Game
  • LGA Painting Butterflies Scarf
  • Scratch Cards - Beauties Ball
  • Gallery Puzzle 1000 pc - Rainbow Tigers
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